Thursday, June 25, 2009

The inspiration room

I am up early this morning. Ok, not early, early, but before 9am early and I am sitting in the room I call "the inspiration room" also called "my office" also called "the guest room" also called "Therman's room". Therman is my uncle who visits when Georgia is not too hot. Today, as I have no guests, am not working at the moment per say and Georgia is HOT so Therman is outski, it is "the inspiration room."

On one wall there is a collage of magazine clippings, art, postcards, notes, cards, poems, pictures that inspire me. On another wall, the wall that faces the bed, there is a large painting (by me) of a colorful woman with her eyes closed smelling flowers. I call her "the dream angel." On the wall with the windows, there is a mural (again by me) of the sun behind a large red flower and tall bamboo. In the summer, when the windows and blinds are open, which is usually, this painting seems to blend with the all of the trees and nature outside, which was why I painted it. In the winter, when the windows and blinds are open, which is usually, the painting is reminder to me that no matter if the sky outside is gray and the trees have no leaves, I can always see a colorful day. Which was why I painted it. On the wall that holds the bed, above the headboard there is a large (I like large) painting on canvas (by guess of a woman/man who is laying on her/his back and whose body is divided into half human and the other half piano. There are bold letters throughout the painting that say "OUR LOVE", "IN PRAISE", and "SPIRIT". is actually designed to be what the builders call a "teen suite" which I found out is a room where the children/teens hang out and watch TV, play games...It's the largest room in the house and my son already has a bedroom and any hanging out of the teens can be done in the living room, basement, garage, or yard, soooooo, I started creating something else in this big box of a room. In front of one window, at the foot of the bed there is a beautiful tan love seat with comfortable pillows and in front of the love seat, a wooden table I found at a yard sale. I painted a rose colored background on the top of the table and a large red flower on top which kind of connects to the flower on the wall. I use this table to hold my computer and a couple of books. I don't keep much extra in this room because the walls are so full. In front of the table (on the collage wall) is a nightstand and on top of that sits a small TV.

Ok now, when you read "flowers, dream angels, collages and teen suites" don't think that this is a girly, girly room. It's grown, it's alive. It's inspiring. In here I create new possibilities. Today I am creating LOVE, ART, HAPPINESS.

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