Friday, August 14, 2009

Form vs Content (by John E. Davis - published in OUR WORLD'S MOST TREASURED POEMS 1991)

To Adrian Davis, my friend, from whose Rainborne Series this poem was inspired. May God continue to bless you with a form that always reflects the greatest content of your character.

In a field of green tall grass
the Chameleon travels to the pass
Changing colors to befit the occasion
always disguising his true passion.
Deceptive and beguiling
his prey knows him as being;
Never do they realize this image
he wears proves protective thru the
He says, "I can be what I want to be
in this field of make-believe.
For it is here I control
that world of lost souls."
This story is his and his alone
as the companions he's had have all
Distrusting others' intentions; afraid
of commitment
Embellished solitude becomes his
But beauty remains his form

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