Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health update

I posted a blog yesterday, or the day before, about my visit to Grady Hospital. I am feeling much better. I have much more energy then I've had in days. I have not started taken the medication yet but I will. My promise to myself and to you (all of yous) is that I will go and get my prescription filled by tomorrow, really. The doctor said that I had been so tired because I was losing so much blood. Thankfully my levels were not to the point that I needed a blood transfusion.

I am in the process of rebuilding and re energizing which for me means, cleaning the clutter. Junk from my diet, some folks from my life, saying no and sticking to it, paying more attention to my feelings and less about how you feel about my choices and who I am, loving me, appreciating life - every moment, asking for what I want, giving up the conversation in my head that suggests it is noble somehow to suffer in silence, living my life, listening to God's voice, spending more time in prayer and meditation, walking more, drinking more water, singing, dancing, spinning just because. Just because. My life is a gift.

Connecting myself to Myself. Again.


  1. Jaha,
    As your uncle and friend, I am so proud of you.


  2. Amen to your plan of action to be and do better about yourself. I am praying with you that you do keep you commitment to yourself. I think of that line from Oriah Mountain Dreamer: "Can you be faithless to others and thereby be faithful to yourself." Others will be blessed by your being as you love yourself. You have listed all the things I wrote to myself recently about self-care (which is Godcare).I am glad you are better. The planet needs you. We do, too.