Friday, August 14, 2009

Jaha and Nikki at the Loft - ad by Nikki Skies

SATURDAY, August 4, 2007 at 8:30pm

Writers/Performers - Jaha Zainabu and Nikki Skies share the stage and their poetry/short stories/oratory this coming Saturday at The Loft.

From Nikki: "I first met Jaha while looking out my dorm room window at Grambling State University. I was rocking a short crop afro at the time and I'm pretty sure at that time, it was only me and this sister from New Orleans wearing them. Jaha was walking across the women's dorm yard and her head was shaven. I thought, 'Damn! Who is that bold ass sista?!' I was catching mad heat with natural hair at that time so I knew she was either being ignored or catching it too. I also knew at that very moment, she had to be courageous, bold, and independently thinking. That happened almost 15 years ago. She is still my sista, my comrade and one of the BADDEST writer/performers I know. She moved to Georgia a year or so ago and her art, with her new environment, has only allowed her to grow more.

The other week we were talking on the phone and we spoke about of my upcoming move from LA, our art, the LA poetry scene and of course, our dreams. In that conversation, I assured her (and myself!) I wasn't scared to move. I told her I knew my art could mobilize me and the people around me where ever. She then told me a story of her cutting her grass down in GA and she came across a snake. She said she ran in the house and stood there for a few minutes before realizing wasn't nobody else coming to turn off her lawn mower or tend to that snake but her! We laughed, made sense of the situation and decided the best way to describe where our lives were right now was on the stage.


We need you there.

We want the sisters there so we can remind you how fly and masterful you are.

We want the brothers there so we can remind you we love your totality.

We gonna talk about the ugly and the beauty in breath.

We gonna share and tell YOUR stories.

of course... WE GOT PRODUCT! we are also asking for a donation at the door cause we gotta respect the spot.

i'll also be serving my specialty drink, "Grown Ass Woman" (strong enough for men but if you grow a titty the next morning... all i can do is tell you how to take care of it! yes, this is the disclaimer sentence.)

The Loft is an intimate space so seating is limited. Please reply if you plan on coming and I will forward the address at that time.

speak on love,
nikki skies

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