Monday, January 11, 2010

Night with the cousins

Saturday night Candy, Yolanda and I met at Candy's place in Marietta for dinner, conversation, reconnection. We are first cousins in the same age range, who enjoy similar activies, all single (except for Candy who seems to have a new "Sweetie")yet when we see each other mostly, it's in California - at a funeral. Our last year at our grandfather's funeral. We said that we would stay in touch and I'm glad that we did. There were two missing from the group, LaToya and LaTrisha (Maurice's daughters), but prayerfully they will be with us next time. Hear that ladies! NEXT TIME!

We ate all night, talked all night, ALL NIGHT. The first time I looked at my watched it was 3:45am. And we were still talking. It's always interesting hearing someones memories and how different they can be from yours.

Anyway, thank you Candy and Yolanda for the evening. Thank you for new beginnings, for family friendship, for friendship. For love.

Reconnection soon.

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