Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Queen Sy

I've known this fly sista since my first days in Leimert Park. To me, and many, she is as much a part of that community as the trees, the fountain, the cracks in the sidewalks that hold so many secrets, dreams, yesterdays, tomorrows. I just couldn't have a blog and Queen Sy not be in it somewhere. Her colors, styles, smiles, art. All of her. Sy is such an inspiration to me. She is a bird that will fly no matter what. Clipped winged or whatever.

Sy represents a freedom that comes only from accepting and loving who she is. Earth, art, poetry, stories, music, dance, rhythm, blues, color, bird, sky, wind, fire, breath. You see her coming and you just know that you are in the presence of blessing. She will gift you. With smile that only those teeth could say, "baby, keep your head up!" She will compliment you in a way that lets you know that YOU are what matters and whatever roads you have to cross to get to understanding that, remembering God in her will get you there.

My sister teases me sometimes and says that I don't know when to stop getting dressed. I'll have on a dress, a pair of jeans, every necklace I own and four rings and think I am the BUSINESS! She thinks it's too much. But I have a freedom all my own and I stop off in Leimert Park to pick up a candle or bean pie, incense or just to sit. And I see Sy walk by and after we hug and exchage blessings I think. Yeah...yeah. Freedom.

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