Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Jack

I don't know his name
But he looks like a Jack to me
He's big and has hammer kinda arms
I would believe it if
He was a stick up dude
Back in the day

We are waiting for the WalMart to open
Big Jack is looking for a place to pee

In my mind I speak to Big Jack
He creeps from the side of the building
Zipping his pants

Stop talking to yourself like that, Big Jack

Although I understand

What happened, Big Jack?
Do you have children?
Boys? Maybe one girl?
Your children don't understand you
Do they, Big Jack?

Were you minding your own business
On your construction job
When a white man said the wrong shit
On the wrong damned day?

Did you choke him
Didn't know your own strength?
Did he pass out, Big Jack?
Then you went to jail?
Huh? Huh, Big Jack? Huh?

You wife's Spanish mother and Republician father
Had warned their princess about marrying you

But you were a big time football star at USC
That made your black blook ok

Where were they?!
Where were they, Big Jack?
She only visited you that one time
To tell you to get help with you anger problems

Anger problems?!
It wasn't even your fault!
She wasn't concerned about
Your fucking anger problems
When you whippped that guys ass
That time on Venice Beach
For calling her a cunt
And grabbing her titties!

You were her hero then, Big Jack
Or was it Jackson or Big Daddy or Honey Baby?

I hate her too, Big Jack
Now here you are
Peeing on the side of the WalMart
And talking crazy shit to yourself

Your twins, Robert and Johnathan
Are grown up and have kids of their own
Robert is leaving his wife
And coming to terms with
The fact that he's gay

And he's blamming that on you, Big Jack!
Like it's your fault
He's been lying to himself about
His own feelings
And it's your fault?
Come on!

Willa Bell, your precious fair skinned princess
The only one with your nappy hair and fury eyebrows and big nostrils
Poor thing cried herself to sleep
The whole time you were locked up

You're free now, Big Jack
Where is she?
You're pissing on the WalMart
She's out shopping

I know
I know, Big Jack
It's not fair

That fucking day, man
That one fucking day

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