Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heading to Philly

Good morning loved ones. I am speaking positively today. That's the plan. Thinking positive thoughts and speaking positive words.

I'm up packing for Philly. Unpacking really. When I travel I try not to travel with more than two bags. My product bag and another bag with a few clothes. Also I carry a small purse that I try to fit into my clothes bag, when it can't fit that makes three bags total. I like to travel lightly.

I gotta get moving because Carlene will be here in about an hour.

Thank You God for this day. Thank You for waking me up this morning. I am thankful that there is nowhere I can be that You are not. Thank You God for always being with Uraeus and loving him. Please continue to bless and protect him and all around him. Please bless me Mother/Father to be love. Thank You.

And so it is.

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