Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feeling much better today! Happy Thursday!

Good morning family. It's 3:57 and I am up feeling fresh and wonderful. I did it! I spent the day in bed yesterday. I hardly ever have those days. I really took care of myself. I was feeling pretty bad for much of the day then busied myself with, what else, writing and blogging. I posted a bunch of times and put up videos of music and speeches I have enjoyed, spent some time freewriting poems and such. In the end, I do feel much much better. Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself. It worked out perfectly that I wasn't scheduled to shoot or work with my private client yesterday. That I wasn't feeling well was the message I needed to sit down somewhere and be still. I even resisted going downtown to take pics of what's going on with OCCUPY LA. That was hard because I really wanted to do that.

Today I am a guest on a radio show. I'll let you know the information if you would like to check it out later, I don't know it now. Soon come though lovely people.

Of course I'm watching the news right now, because that's what I do early in the morning. Herman Cain has risen to the top of the republican candidates, hmmmmmmm. Not excited about that. Not excited about any of them actually. Especially Cain's "If you are not rich, if you are not working, don't blame the government, blame yourself." My problem with stamements like that is that it is assumed that we are all opperating on a level playing field. Like the laws aren't more harsh to some, hiring and educational opportunities fair. I'm also not thrilled with his position on going back to "don't ask, don't tell." I could go on way too long where I don't agree with Cain or any of the republician candidates. But I won't. Not right now.

This is my good morning post. So, I do wish you all a good day and that you love yourselves and someone else.

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