Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jaha's View Review

Okay I told you I am in bed ill today even though I don't like to say that, but I'm not feeling well and I won't go into the details because I just did like two seconds ago on the last post. Well, The View is on and I'm watching it so now you have to read through or not my View Review.

It is freaking bothering me so much and maybe that's why I'm extra in pain, because they are talking about Dancing with the Stars and Justin Beiber and not that they repealed the domestic violence law in Topeka, Kansas! This is crazy. I know I keep saying that but damn! I am so outraged by this because they are letting men out of jail for this because they can't afford it. Ok, so they can't afford it so cut something else.

Think about how much courage it takes to even call the police on your husband or wife, who is beating you. Then he gets out because they can't afford to keep him. Yes, I know that men are also the victims of domestic violence but in Topeka, Kansas where they would repeal this law, we're talking the majority if not all cases reported are women as the victims. How many other ways can they possibly say WOMEN WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!?

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