Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just dumping

So this is like my kajillionith post of the day and this one won't make any more sense than the others probably and why am I posting so much and have been since freaking 4 this morning or whatever time I started? Because dangit these freaking fibroids again are bleeding again and I am in crazy pain and I was trying to do this thing wholistically and not have the surgery and I know I said I would just get these freaking freaky tumors finally cut out of my body but then I thought if I could just do it another way then that would be better but this hurts too much. So now I'm just going wait until this bleeding spell ends and go make the freaking appointment for goodness sakes. It started again Monday and hasn't stopped yet and neither has the pain. I'm going to give it until the end of the day, the bleeding that is, then I'll just go make the appointment bleeding or not. This is a gross post but whatever if you think you feel gross try being me right now. Mkayyyeee. So there.

Since Monday I've been working and running around but today I'm not doing all of that. I'm trying to be easy with myself. I think I will go walking but just around my neighborhood in case the pain gets too bad. In this moment it's pretty bad and I couldn't make it around the block but this will pass and when the big pains pass they don't come back too soon so maybe in an hour or so I'll get up.

Hey did you know that Jewel got her teeth fixed? She must have because I'm watching her on Regis and Kelly except Regis is on vacation and a handsome, big, black football player is the guest host. You probably know him. He's the one with the gap in his teeth. I love men with front teeth gaps. I don't know why. Anyway Jewel is the guest and I remember when her teeth were crooked when she first came out but now they are all straight. See, this is what I do when there are tumors inside of me bleeding out of my vagina and my stomach hurts thanna mug. Actually, this is not what I do. I usually work through the pain which only makes it worse. But today I can't handle worse so I'm trying to be still.

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