Monday, October 3, 2011

Them goodgood jobs

They just reported on the news that they are starting to lay off workers at the courts now. It was recently reported that they are closing some post offices. Who would have ever thought? Remember the saying that "there is always work at the post office"? Well, there is not.

No president is creating jobs. It, I believe, is up to us to create jobs. This is who we used to be. A people who saw a need and created a job. We were doing this from way way back. Back in the day a young man saw a neighbors grass growing long and knew the man of the house worked late or wasn't there or whatever and then that young man became the caretaker of the yard. A job. A woman did the grocery shopping for Sis. Jenkins and her friends and built that into being her job. A painter sold his art on Venice Beach and that was his job. And he fed his children. A man fixed cars and put up shelves. A woman kept the children in the neighborhood. That was her job and she fed her family and paid the bills. Someone started a magazine. Someone made dolls, baked cakes, drove folks around, cleaned houses, sold books, purses. Whatever.

Then that wasn't good enough (or something). No job was good enough unless it was a goodgood job. You know the ones. A postal worker, a county employee, you know, the jobs that are being cut now. What can you do with you hands? We have strayed away from using our hands to work. To create. I know a guy, JT, the wonderful man who fixes my car. Praise God I haven't needed anything other than simple things, battery installed, my starter... but he can do much bigger jobs. Not just the car, name a job in the house and he can do it. Remember when brothas like JT were everywhere? Funny side note, on top of all the work he does, JT is also a dj and a barbor. Okaaaaa! So he might not have have those great benefits but he can sure work everyday.

So Americans we need jobs? What are we doing to create them? Not who are we looking to blame that they aren't there. What are we doing? What are you doing?

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