Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good night. The World Stage. Prepping for NaNoWriMo.

Its 11:10pm and I am at home. Just got in from the World Stage. Tonight was the heaviest, lightest crowd I've experienced in a long time. Meaning, there were few people but the work that came from all of us was so powerful. Conney Williams was the feature and I am so glad I decided to go. I would have missed an incredible treat. He read some work from his new book. I forgot what it's called. I even have a copy of it. I can't think of it but the work he shared from it was work he said he had never read aloud. They were super vulnerable pieces. I'm used to him getting raw in his work, but not like I saw him tonight.

In other news, while I was at the Stage I had an idea come to me about the NaNoWriMo that starts in about forty-five minutes from now. I think the project I'm going to focus on will be writing a series of letters to my aunt Mary. She was my grandparent's first child who died three days after her birth. This should be an interesting journey. On the way home I was thinking of what I will write about, but the what isn't completely solid. I do know that I want it to be letters to Mary though. God, help me. Really. I have a concern of getting spooked out somewhere in this process. My plan is to empty myself as much as I can. That's the journey I've been on, maybe you've noticed. Well, it's 11:20 now, let me go and get ready to start writing. I know if I don't start now too much may come up during the day to distract me. Plus I am performing at Flypoet tomorrow night and I'm working during the day. Breathe. Breathe, Jaha.

Oh, I don't want to close without telling you something funny I heard one of the poets say tonight. He said, "Why is it that every Halloween women always have to dress up as the ho version to any job? The ho version of a nurse, fireman, maid...Why?" You gotta admit, that's interesting.

Anyway, let me find some pjs and get ready to write.

Have a good night all. I intend to.

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