Sunday, October 21, 2012


Thank You, Mother/Father for this day. Thank You for love and attention and grace and mercy. Thank You for blessing me to have had a safe flight to Atlanta and thank You for all of my experiences here this far. Thank You for seeing me through every moment of the wedding yesterday. I was a bit nervous, as I am on days when I am on in any capacity. Thank You for holding my hand through it all. 

Dear Mother, Sonya Renee's mother passed away a few days ago. No news is news to You. Please bless the spirit of her mother and hold Sonya in the fat of Your arm. Please rub her head, kiss her face and catch the tears that fall out of her sweet face. 

Protect us all, Father. Live and breathe through us as we live these lives You've blessed us with. 

And so it is.

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