Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Love, why I love you:

1. My life is bigger with you in it.
2. After all this time it feels like the beginning.
3. I trust you like I have never trusted anyone.
4. You listen.
5. You care.
6. You share.
7. You are worth it.
8. I have never felt this safe.
9. I know you love me.
10. We are growing together.
11. My feelings are important to you.
12. Your feelings are important to me.
13. You are patient.
14. You are kind.
15. You are gentle.
16. You are handsome.
17. You feel good.
18. You know God.
19. I can open up to you.
20. I can unpack my stuff in front of you.
21. You are reliable.
22. Your body is gorgeous.
23. You make me happy.
24. You give me space.
25. You hold me well.
26. I miss you when you are away.
27. You are intelligent. So intelligent.
28. You are good for me.
29. You are who I want.
30. You knew me when...
31. And so many more reasons...

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