Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNaWriMo - Day 13 - Dear Mary

Good afternoon. It's 2:48 and I am at work. I have a long day ahead of me here so this probably won't be my only letter to you today. I should have written to you very early this morning because I had a fascinating dream last night, only I can't remember it. I remember dreaming though. Remember walking and scenes pasing like in a movie. I remember talking and laughing. You know I always think I'm with you in my dreams. I so wish that I could recall the dream.

I don't have much on my mind to communicate with you right now, maybe later though. My jaw is still sore. I go back to the dentist on Thursday and hopefully something can be resolved. I don't know what though. It seems like this is something that only time will truly heal. I took something last night that still has me a bit groggy.

I'm sleepy, Mary. Told you this wouldn't be much. Let's connect later.

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