Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo day 1 part 2 - Dear Mary

It's 9:25am and I'm still at home. It's time for me to get up and get ready for work now. I could easily rest another two hours or so but my schedule does not permit. Where were we, Mary? Oh, when you left. Grandmommy held you the day you left and rocked you in her arms. When she told me, over and over, the story about you, her favorite part was when she rocked you. "She didn't cry, or fidget or nothin'." That's what she always said. You were already gone though. Uncle Namon is the one who told Grandmommy that you were gone. He just walked by her and said, "Your baby dead, Doll." Just like that. Don't be mad at him, Mary, that dry talk was just his way. He did care. He cared a lot I bet. Grandmommy's nickname was Doll. Did you know that? Could you hear them calling her Doll when she was pregnant with you? It's a sad, sweet story don't you think? Sad because we never got to know you but still sweet because Grandmommy never let us forget you. Never. When we would run down the list of her children and we would start with Mildred, she would always stop us. "No! No, Mildred was not the first. Mary was. Don't forget Mary." Did you even know that? Did you know that your name was Mary? Do you have a new name now? O Mary, what is your name? I am silly, I know. Stay with me though please? It's 9:38 and I have to get up now or I may be late. You have a good day. What do you do all day? Are you busy? Do you have wings? When I was a little girl I always pictured you with wings. What do I know? What do any of us know? Ok, really now. I must get up. I will connect with you later. You have a good day.

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