Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 16 - part 2 - Dear Mary

11:52 and I am at Jiffy Lube. Again. This time I'm getting my power steering flushed. I don't know why that's important for a car, but it is. Apparently if you don't get it done then your car will make a really bad noise and then something bad will happen to the something pump and you will be mad that you didn't spend the $70.00. I don't know much about cars, Mary so I just keep up on the required maintenance. I'm behind on the power steering thing because my car is making that grrrrrrr grrrrrr noise. I'm going to pick up Uraeus tonight and I don't want to be on the road and something happen.

You know I was supposed to be in the dentist's chair right now but my appointment got moved again from noon to 1:30. Yes, I'm still in pain but I'm hanging in there. It's not as bad as it was last night and early this morning though. Thank You, God. Seriously. I'm also thankful that there is a Jiffy Lube just two doors from my dentist. This isn't my regular Jiffy Lube, but they will do. It's best to hook up with companies that have free wifi in the waiting area. That's major. As usual, this is another exercise in patience. And I told you before when you know you will have to practice patience then it is best to have your iPad with you.

12:05. The dentist's office just called me and told me that I didn't have to wait until 1:30 but that she would be there at 12:30 instead. That rocks. Hopefully my car will be ready by then. If not, the dentist will have to practice patience. I hope she has an iPad.

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