Saturday, November 17, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 17 - Dear Mary

5:46am. I'm at home right now preparing to go and get Uraeus. Looking forward to the drive. Update on my mouth, still sore. But a much better sore. Yesterday I had my second wisdom tooth pulled. It hurt but I'm ok. Just healing now. I'll get my prescription filled today and start taking the medication. Enough about that though.

Emotionally I feel great. Not excited great but peaceful. I love early mornings with Love. Before work. Watching him eat breakfast. Sitting with him early in the morning sharing the quiet. This morning was like that. Reminding me of the beauty in my life.

What is beautiful to you? What do you hold as precious, dear aunt? Do your moods swing? What are your good days like? Your bad?

I'm going to do a bit more in preparation for my day but we will connect later.

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