Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 18 - Dear Mary

It's 11:13pm and I am at a Denny's restaurant somewhere about two hours north of Los Angeles. I just dropped off Uraeus with his dad. As always it was my pleasure being with my boy. My young man now. We had a beautiful, intimate family birthday party for him at my mother's house last night. I'm so proud of him. How he's growing. It was wonderful being with my family. Thinking about the gathering last night has me wonder about what you would look like and be like. Mildred was there. She is your sister born after you. We know her as the oldest. I wonder how you would have been like as the eldest sibling. In case you don't know already, Mildred was/is wonderful. As a sister to your siblings and as an aunt to my generation. She and my mother look very much alike. Although Jimmy and Therman said they couldn't see the resemblance, to me, they are very much alike.

I'm rambling as usual, Mary. Just writing to get the words and thoughts out. I pulled over to have a bowl of soup and tea before I go farther on the drive back. Also it gives me some time to write to you since I haven't yet today. My always handy iPad and free wifi at Denny's rock. I told you that before.

I'm listening to a book on tape as I drive home. It's a very popular book but to me the writing is just ok. The story holds me enough to be entertained on a drive but it has me geared up to write a novel of my own. I've been saying it for years. I have a few ideas too. I've got to stop just saying it, I know.

I will write more perhaps when I get home. My soup is here now.

Love you.

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