Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 20 - Dear Mary

It's 1:27pm and I am at Memorial Hospital. I started having chest pains last night. I was in bed asleep then woke up from a weird dream. In the dream, Love and I were in bed and there was a young girl lying between us. I told Love that my chest was hurting (in the dream) and he said, "Ok, I'm going to pray for you.) Then he rolled over and started praying for me. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but he was praying. After that I woke up. I don't know what woke me up. I woke up and calmly said, "My chest is hurting." I told Love about the dream and he got up and got me an aspirin and water. I went back to sleep and I think I slept well.

This morning when Love left I felt fine. An hour later though I felt this heavy pressure on my chest. I waited hours, went back to sleep, woke up and the pressure was still there. That and I felt incredibly dizzy. Better safe than sorry so I drove myself to the hospital. They said my EKG looked good. Good. Hopefully it's nothing. Mostly I wanted to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. Right now the pressure is still there but not as heavy as this morning. Thankfully I didn't have to work today but I do tomorrow and I wouldn't want this to be something serious while I'm alone with my client.

Another day in the hospital. This isn't how I planned to spend the day, but this is where I am.

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  1. I'm having heart palpitations after reading this. Whoa.