Monday, November 26, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 26 - Dear Mary

It's 8:35pm and I am at work. It's been a long but easy day and I have about four more hours to go before work is complete for the day. But then is work ever complete? Mary last night was splendid! It was the two year anniversary of my show, Red Stories. We had a wonderful time celebrating. Tamara Blue was the feature for the evening but I had a few other guests perform to open the show. I felt so much love last night. So much. Roshann, Reuben, Therman and John were there last night. I loved having family in the audience, although I also consider many of my friends family.

It's the Christmas season now. People have their homes decorated with lights and trees and other ornaments. Although I'm not one to decorate with holiday decorations, I enjoy seeing them as I drive along the street.

Today was therapy day. I was very tired this morning and didn't really want to get out of bed, but I did go. As usual, I'm glad I did. I shared about some shifts in my life that I will not be specific about here but I am riding the waves of the shift.

I don't have much I choose to say right now and I have a writing project to work on with a deadline coming up soon. There is always something to do. Always.

I plan to celebrate your birthday this year, Mary. Has anyone ever celebrated your birthday since you left? You ever hear or feel people sing or cheer for you? Counts your years or the years you've been gone? How would you like me to celebrate you this year. November 30. Perhaps I will light a candle for you or buy a cake. Maybe gather with family or write a letter to you. I haven't decided yet, but something. I hope you will feel it. I surely do.

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