Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 4 - Dear Mary

Good morning to you. It's a beautiful day here. I'm in Long Beach, California. When Grandmommy and Granddaddy had you they were in Louisiana. I don't remember where though. I think Mildred was also born in Louisiana, maybe Bubba too, but I don't remember. Later, they moved to California. Your siblings would be better at a timeline as to when and where they moved after you were born. They reared their children in southern California, except for Poon, who grew up in Louisiana, then eventually moved to Alaska and made a life there with his family. I don't know when or why they chose Alaska. But they did. Anyway, your parents lived in a few places in California. They lived in an apartment in San Pedro then moved to central Long Beach where they had a house on Orange Ave. then moved to the west side of Long Beach. After they passed away, my mother and step father purchased the house where they lived on the west side. My step father passed away but my mother still lives there along with my sister, her husband, their two children and new dog. It's a beautiful thing. Last year, I moved back to Long Beach. Not in the house. It's a beautiful thing. Just wanted to give you some history on your family.

You know, having a child die is probably one of the greatest loses a human being can experience. I know it was very painful for them to see you go. It takes a long time to heal from something like that. During the healing process one begins to even ask one's self if going on is possible or worth it. They did it. However they got through the loss of you, they did it. One never gets over it. It's something that would stay on anyone. Losing you just became a part of them. Though Grandmommy was more vocal about your memory than Granddaddy, it affected him too. Maybe you can tell the differences in their personalities now that they are there. Are they there? With you? Was there a reunion? When your mother laughs does her belly still shake? Does she have a belly? Does your father show all of his teeth when he smiles? Are there teeth and smiles? O the mystery.

While we're on the subject, my father is there. Do you know him? His name is Joseph but some people call him Skip. If there is a place there where men laugh and tell jokes and drink and build things with brick, then my father is there. His jokes will be the funniest ones. That's how you will know him. He has the best stories.

Mary, today is Sunday and I still have so much to do. I'm behind on two projects and I must get caught up this week. I'm determined not to leave this house until I've made a major dent in both of them. I did get a lot done yesterday, thankfully. I must get back to work. I will connect with you later. Okay?


  1. You can read the most complete history we have recoreded so far at the end of Mildred's workstory. I was the last child born in Louisiana, with the rest being born in Long Beach. Bettye and Troy settled in Alaska after he was posted there in the Air Force. Prior to that, he was posted in Guam and in Denver

    1. Thank you for that! I didn't know that. I thought it was just Mary, Mildred and Bubba born in Louisiana. And never knew why why Troy and Bettye were in Alaska. See, don't leave it to me to tell the family history. Love you, thanks again.