Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 4 - part 2 - Dear Mary

It's 10:57am. I am at home but am on my way to the emergency dental office. I have such a wicked toothache. The filling fell out of my tooth and I need a root canal or something. I'm no dentist. It takes luck I may not have to get in to see the dentists at USC, that's a college where I get my dental work handled. They only take the first fourteen people and I would have to be there at spend the night o'clock to be seen tomorrow. Besides, I don't have tomorrow. My tooth is hurting so badly. It started a while ago but I've been just keeping it clean and taking pills for the pain. Pills aren't helping today. I've been trying to ignore it and something happened about an hour ago and a crazy pain shot from my tooth to my head and it won't go away. Mary, was that you telling me to get this handled today? Sometimes it's just best not to be human. These bodies require so much maintenance. If you ever come back as a human, Mary, then be sure you have money and medical and dental insurance. It's very important. It just is. President Obama is really trying to do something about this medical insurance crisis going on in America. So many of us are not insured and it is difficult to get quality care. He's running for reelection and I hope he gets it. Nobody is perfect but I would sure like to see him in office again. In America, we vote on Tuesday. If you have any influence over this thing it would be great if you used it in his favor.

The pills are finally starting to take affect. I need to close my eyes for a second then head to the dentist. Thankfully my son's dad is going to pick him up today so I don't have to deal with that drive on top of this pain. I don't know how I would do it today because the pills make me sleepy and I can't be sleepy on a six hour drive. Also thankfully Love is driving me to the dentist so I can rest in the car. It's 11:24 and my appointment is at noon. I'll write to you more when I get in the waiting room.

11:59 and I just finished filling out all of the paperwork at the dentist. I am the only patient in the waiting room. My tooth hurts so badly my stomach hurts. What's up with that? I always get nervous at the dentist's office. Today though, I just want to get this problem solved. Sleepy now. The pills are really working. 

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