Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 5 - Dear Mary

Good morning. It's 2:45 and Love and I are home. He's in bed. I'm in the living room. In the dark, quiet, still of the moment. This is my prayer time. My quiet me time where I just sit and commune with Spirit. Maybe you know this. Maybe you have been there all along.

Uraeus left last night with his father and step mother and sister. To have a child, Mary, is to have your heart beating outside of your body and to trust, with all your trusting, that the world knows and values that it's your heart. Every moment with him is precious. Every moment of life is precious. I forget that sometimes. I forget it with my language, my self care, my actions toward others. My life is about re remembering it every time I forget.

I have to go back to the dentist this morning because there is still a piece of the tooth that she pulled sticking out of my gum. Poking my cheek every time I move my lips. My mouth was numb when I left the office yesterday so I didn't notice it. But last night...yes. Thankfully they are a twenty-four hour office. I had never heard of a twenty-four hour dentist before. Look at God. So I will be there this morning and then return home to work on the projects I meant to work on yesterday since I'm not scheduled to be with my client today. Look at God.

I have a feeling, Mary. I don't know what it is. But it's there. I haven't judged it to be good or bad but it's a thing in me I can't describe yet. I don't know, it will reveal itself soon enough I know. Or it will go away.

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