Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NaNoWriMo - Day 6 - part 2 - Dear Mary

8:07. I don't know why this thought is in my head. But it is. Grandmommy used to tell me about the time she and...and...who was it? I believe it was one of her sisters or maybe a cousin near her age. They were running around in the house. She was a little girl by the way. They were running around and the house was built in a way that they could run from the kitchen, through the living room and through another room and back to the kitchen making a full circle. There was a full mirror in the living room. As they were running in the circle they suddenly stopped. Both of them stopped. They saw a woman dressed in white with a hat or was it a veil? She was looking at herself and primping in the mirror. Then she was just gone. Just. Gone. She was a ghost. A ghost woman they didn't know. A ghost woman they didn't know they never talked about with each other. But she told me the story. Over and over.

Who was the woman in white, Mary? Who was she? Why did she show herself to both of them? Do you know her? Is that something you would do? Don't do that to me. Don't stand in my mirror and fix your hair and makeup and clothes. Don't. What did that mean? Is that woman with you? Is she where you are?

Maybe none of this is something you can tell me. Maybe you don't even know what any of it means. It was on my mind and I thought I'd share. I'm...nice...right now. Remember?

Guess what, Mary? Obama won! He was reelected! I just found out. My mother called me shouting. O that's good news to me.

I can rest now. Easily. Now I know. Again, you enjoy your night.

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