Sunday, September 8, 2013


Tonight I am going to bed reading Bethsheba A. Rem's book LONG STORY SHORT. It is so good. I miss Sheba and her stories. Her real life stories are ENOUGH, the book is even EXTRA. I am proud to say that the cover of the book is artwork done by me (yaaayyy). I've had the book for some time now and it's really been sitting on the shelf. I don't know what happened but something said, Hey, read Sheba's book tonight. Read it. And I listened.

In other news, Uraeus and I were in the store this afternoon. We were in line together laughing and talking. Clearly we were together. A woman behind us, who had on the worst blue I just got out of church suit and hat ever was behind us. She tapped him on the shoulder and asked him how old he was. He responded and she went on to ask him if he wanted to be in an all male fashion show. Um, hello!!! What the what? He said he wasn't interested and we left. But I was like, Sis, there was a better way to handle that. In these Stranger/Danger times you don't offer a minor a job (even if it is in your church's fashion show) and not talk to the parent(s)/guardian(s). Where they do that at? And I was right there! That's the thing!

I'm just free writing people. You know how I do. Yes, when you are free writing you can jump from what you are reading to an irritating person in line behind you because you get to say. Also, in a free write, please let it be known that "in other news" is an appropriate enough transition.

In other news, good night.

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