Friday, September 27, 2013

Bus life

Today there was a young man on the bus stop sitting behind the wall of the bench. He was on the bus yesterday too. Today he was talking on the phone to a young woman who was crossing the street heading to the bus stop. There were two men walking in the crosswalk behind her. The young woman   was on the bus yesterday also. She goes to El Camino Community College.

Man: It don't matter if you see me. I see you, motherfucka. Keep crossin' the street.

Pause. I see her crossing the street saying something on her phone.

Man: Who you with?

Pause: She responds.

Man: Oh, I see them two niggas with you. I was about to fuck you up.

She is across the street now, laughing.

Woman: What's up with you?

Man: Nothin', nigga. What's up with you? What you doin' later?

Woman: Prolly goin' to the movies with my boyfriend.

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