Friday, September 6, 2013


I had a refreshing conversation last night with Therman. Refreshing is not the word. A more appropriate word will come to me later. A conversation about the people of Syria. That's why I used refreshing in the first place. Because we, and by we I mean the people on the news and social media, keep referring to Syria like it's the old school game Battleship. Are we going to bomb them? Yes, bomb them! No, don't bomb them! Chemical warfare? Chemical warfare! Kill them! Don't kill them! We talked about them as people. They have faces. They have names. They have real worries about real life life or death. Where are these pictures? They are nowhere for us to see. You know why? Because it is easier to flip a coin and kill or not kill game pieces in some far away land than it is to look into cried out eyes of men and women. Of boys and girls. Of babies and elders. We have lost our minds. Our rogue, twisted, made up minds. Our dangerous, forgetful minds.  I had a disappointing conversation with Therman yesterday. About Syria. About humanity. About us (U.S.).

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