Sunday, October 6, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 278 - For Sanai, a poem in two parts

A dance happens in the grassy open of mothers and daughters
A chrysalis gooey and tiresome
From preparation long and thought out
A pirouette
A leap, graceful and easy

A beginning
Ponytails, Afro puffs, knee highs
Ashy elbows, school photos and WonderWoman watches
Ain't she so pretty

The jerk, the be bop, do wap
Running man, twerk, freak
Old school, new school
Music, mind, battles, poetry, essays
A push, pull kind of dance
Driving, partners, friends
Science, school, exploration

This drum circle will wear mommy muscles out

The DJ is always on the one
Record always spinning kind of gospel
Slow to fade kind of good
Thump thump kind of rhythm
Our babies grow up so fast
Kind of wonder
Ask me how I know
Ask me what I know about looking up to my seed

As a mother we want the world safe enough
For your pretty, brown, fragile fingers
To question
To debate
To criticize and condemn
To caste Satan to hell
To cuss jealous bitches out
Without getting bitten
But the world will not blossom so daisy
So lily
So birds in the sky
So rainbow
So forgiving
In our lifetime

But we are women and we keep hope alive like nobody's business

We will be the good witches we are
Ready for you in the auntie side line station
Watching you
Inhale, exhale
Opening eyes
Taking in

Fly, daughter, fly

I wish you love
I wish you easy
Baby, do you know freedom
I have stories to tell you about freedom

I wish you dance
Wing, Sanai, wing
I wish you rhythm and cloud so at your demand
You just know and they appear

I pray you listen so lightening
The revolution of wisdom in your gut
Your skin itchy with words from your spirit
You will know a lie when you feel it
I wish you angels so brick and spear
I pray old black women's wrinkled hands above your head
Shower you with blessings
Fingers heavy and crackled and worn
Fan enough to let rain and sun come down

I wish you love so purple
So raspberry sweet
I wish you love syrup so sticky
On your path

Laugh too much
Hold your head to the sky
Bend your neck as far as it will go
Take it all in

Turn flips
I wish you comfortable shoes
To travel ground
Swim, Sweet love, swim
See as much of the world as you can

Every day will not end as you please
I promise
But you will survive it all
I pray

Listen, Sanai, listen

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