Sunday, October 27, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 299 - Hold. High.

I will hold the space for love
Apples, raspberry, delicious love
In the face of this world  and the isms there are
This space I hold gets heavy for my fingers
Cactus, prickly, splinter
Hold with me
Pray with me
Fingers clasped
Words, tears, whispers into fists
Create life with me
Focus with me
Heal, begin, walk with me

Help me change my mind and yours
Will you love with me
Will you be my super friend
Will you untangle memories 
So mesh and soil they clog arteries 
So in my way to see you clearly

Will you remember me
Will you remember our dirty feet together
In gush and worms and clay
Will you remember the art we made out of words

We will change you know
We will transition from this life form 
Into some other
What will the people remember
Will they count our words
Will our words count
What about our work
What will it say about us

Love with me
Let us leave and plant love
Watch it grow
Sit underneath shade together

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