Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 302 - Fresh. So. Clean. Empty.

Because poetry is your vulnerability
Make me know that you are human too
I am not impressed with how well you memorize stanzas
And that is what dope poets have been reduced to
How well they can stand on a stage and say words
How fast
Your heart matters
How your heart reaching mine matters
Minds matter
Raw nerves and open flames matter
Anyone can call the foul on a brother or sister
Yell to the top of your lungs
With your own stinking breath
About the lies you told
Tell us
Tell us when you fell sloppy drunk on the dance floor
Tell us the hate boiling in your heart
Scream your bitchy ways
Like you scream his, mine, hers
Remind yourself how human you are
Because we already know
We know you bleed
We know you will come off of the stage
And live a real live life
That does not rhyme
That you cannot say in
Fast fast pause fast fast pause rhythm

But you think that you are dope
Is that what you called yourself
Because you said words that rhymed
So fast and smooth
Words that did not sink into my skin
Words that did not land past the front row

Poetry should make me feel
Should make me know you
But you choose fancy phrases over
Heart in your hands
And you call it being dope

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