Saturday, October 19, 2013

Because I love interesting stories

A guy in my neighborhood has a sign in front of his house every day that reads BIKES FOR UNDER $60. Yesterday it worked out that I had sixty dollars and I have been in the market for a bike for a while now as I am on great push to lose weight. Seriously, but that's another post. As life would have it I was also in a truck with a friend who could take the bike to my home in the back of his truck. I had to get the bike.

I rang the bell. I didn't hear anything so I went back to my friend's truck. My friend was like, "Look, doesn't have a big sign in front of his house to not be home and get his money." So, thankfully, he took over. He rang the bell, knocked on the door and spoke to the man when he opened it.

The guy brought out a bike that worked for me. He changed the seat because he said, "You gon need a big, comfortable seat." I told y'all I need to lose weight. He changed the seat and put air in the tires. After that my friend tested the bike and the gears. The gears kept messing up and the man had to keep fixing them until they were straight. Thank God for friends.

I was curious about how he got into this and so I asked, " What made you start selling bikes from your home?"

"They cut my hours at work and I had to do something. I had two kids in college. I went to the police auction and they were selling them in bulk for cheap so I bought 'em. I took 'em home and tried to sell 'me for twenty-five dollars. The kids around here told me that if I fixed 'em then they would buy 'me. I didn't know anything about fixing bikes so I took a class over there at LATTC (Los Angeles Technical and Trade College.)"

"That's dope."

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