Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Because more bus stories

Two black women friends in their late twenties talking on a bus

Woman 1: Hell naw, I don't even go no more.

Woman 2: You used to go all the time?

Woman 1: Yep, I was on the usher board and everything. Then I quit and I was on the hospitality board. Only reason I was on that was because we got to prepare the food and we could eat first and shit. I don't do none of that shit no more. The motherfuckin' pastor was fuckin' other women in the church and shit. Then bein' there like nineteen hours and shit and then revival. And that shit was so phony and I don't wanna revive a got damn thing then finally I just said, fuck it.


For the record, the conversations about spiritual communities on my blog are real. Do not wonder where the young people are without acknowledging what sent them away in the first place.

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