Friday, October 4, 2013

Crenshaw line 710 north. And it don't stop.

Yesterday three young women got on the bus who looked to be in high school.

Girl 1: Hell, naw. You know how people say never say never? Well I am saying that I will NEVER be no bum. I got too much talent!

The women went to the the back of the bus and conversed.

Girl 1: You do too know Breshima. She the one I said look like Keeva. The one who got jumped by Baby Pam an' nim.

Girls: Ooohhhhh! Yeah!


In other bus news. On the same bus. A young man who looked to be about twelve years old had a backpack on his shoulders with "Air Jordan" hand written on the back. That was fresh (for some reason).


And then this.

Woman: They sayin' now that if you don't have insurance then you gon' have to pay a fee. You believe that?

But, at least were talking about it.


But there's more.

A old man got on the bus who I believe lived in his wheelchair on the street. And we all saw him push his wheelchair to run to the bus but the driver let the ramp down anyway. Then he got on the bus and would not stop talking loud enough for everybody to hear him.

Old man: Ain't nobody on this bus got three dollas they can lend me so I get a burger!? Over at Master Burger they got burger meals for three fifty. I got, um, thirty-eight cents. If one of y'all give me three dollas I can talk my way into a burger meal! I wish Obama was on the bus. He would give it to me. I know he would. Y'all know they have barbecues every weekend at the White House. They have one every weekend. Obama got them white folks eatin' ribs and chicken and everythang else. Is this Adams? This my stop! Before I get off y'all know y'all could just give me a dime a piece then I would have me my burger meal. Y'all gon do it or not.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnddd... NOT

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