Thursday, October 24, 2013

On notice

It's Thursday morning at 8:40. I just woke up from a dream where I would be kicking myself so hard if it were real life. I was working in a church for like a week straight putting up decorations for...something. I didn't understand the decorations, even in the dream. Then Sunday came and to my great surprise Rev. Cone was going to speak. Or does he go by Bishop? Anyway, I think this man's words are God's poetry and his wisdom and insight straight from heaven. I was introduced to him at a WomanPreach event of which I am ever grateful to have become a part. What was so bad about the dream and Rev. Cone speaking was that I woke up after he had given his sermon and I had been sitting like right in the second row! Uga! I was so tired from doing all the extra work that when it came time for me to get the blessing, I was too exhausted. Ok, Spirit, I got it.


  1. but you did receive the blessing...
    just received it on another plane.

  2. and we are so infinitely blessed you are a part of us. Dr. Cone's words probably seeped somewhere into your consciousness, tired or not.