Monday, October 28, 2013

Work at the workshop

Last night at the Still Waters Writers Workshop we had the assignment to write for ten minutes on the topic "What will you do that will last forever?" Here is what I wrote:

I will word
I will leave words and stories about
All of me
How ugly I am
How petty my ways
Look at my beautiful self
I am too many people
All in one day
Do not lie
At my burial
Tell them how I made you laugh
Tell them my pictures hang on your wall
Remind them my poetry
And dark framed glasses
Did I take a picture of you
Did I ever smile for you
Did I step on your toe
How will you remember all this
Red I have bled all these years
Did we hang out and make love
I will forever you know
But how for you
Did we kiss
Long and slow
Did we word
And write and grow
Remember how champion I am for ill and underdog
Did we walk
Miles long and scary
What will you wake and remember
When I have no more breath
Will you peruse my blog
Share tea with my son
Collect earrings and scarves
I have always fancied red
And write and when remembering me
Is cloudy
Did we hug
Did I tell you I love you
Did I hold you
We're you close enough to my whisper
To feel my lips
Did we make love
Did our love make the tingly pink of me want you more
How will you remember me

1 comment:

  1. "Do not lie at my burial..." I hope you will say the truth about me when I die. I fear you will be the only one who knows me.