Monday, January 6, 2014

Good night free write

10:20pm. Home. This is my first night home in about three weeks. I've been at my mother's house in Long Beach with my family and the teens and friends and the dog and...and...and... And it was a wonderful time but home is great too. I'm at peace. There is much to do. Things to figure out and work and bills to get caught up on. I'm breathing. I'm breathing. I am enjoying this moment right now. All this quiet.

I had a great time in conversation with some girlfriends. In person conversations and laughter, that is the best! Don't you think so? I do. We ate and shared and encouraged each other. Now it is breathing time. Meditation time. It is time to know that I am just not in control. It is time to know that it, whatever it is, is all in God's mighty hands.

As always, I give thanks for this day. Thanks for my son, my mother, my friends and family. I give thanks for my health and strength. For love and forgiveness. I give thanks for this life. This life perfect for me.

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