Saturday, January 11, 2014


I give great thanks for waking up this morning
For my son
For the sun
My family and friends
I give thanks for patience
For time at its own pace
For the sound of children playing in the garden outside
I give thanks for space and energy
For my health and strength
For art and words and stories
I give thanks for God's hand of love and protection over my son and the children in my life
For the sister circle I attended last night
I give thanks for everything I am
For everything I am not
For my journey
The voice in my head that pushes me to go further
To learn more
To create more beautifully
To stand in the face of agreement or not
To forgive
To remember
I give thanks for my ever grateful heart
For tea and food that nourishes my body
For water clean and fresh
For paint and activities for my hands
I give thanks for new
For prayer
For the books on my shelves
The clothes in my closet
The gas in my vehicle
I give thanks for my mother
My sister
Uncles and aunts
For space
For dreams
For the way my mind wanders
For gifts given and received
For poetry
For everything I know and everything I don't
For the retirement of my Aunt Barbara
For my phone
The bed on which I sleep
I give thanks for the long list of things and people I have to be thankful for

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