Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My gratitude posts are always redundant for the most part
Being thankful for waking up
My family and friends
My mother and son
All of that
Sometimes it is with no effort
Sometimes it takes self motivation I have to pull from within
Or somewhere
Like today
Like yesterday
Like yesterday when doing hardly anything took motivation
Like my room right now
Being a pile of mess that will stay this way
That I give permission to stay this way and be ok with it
Until I can muster the energy to do something about it
Still I am thankful
For even the thoughts that race
That zip through my head
I am thankful for this day
For witnessing the sun
I am thankful that even though I am feeling this sinking
That I have felt before
Many times before
I see light
I know and am thankful that I will not always feel this way

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