Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some more random haikus for January 2014


Remember way we
Sat still under kissing tree
Could we again now

2. Family

Blood and skin belong
Together we forever
Blue sky, sea floor us

3. Presence

Sometimes I think I
Need something I don't really
Have to posses now

4. She

Wrinkled olive skin
Her hair tied in gray up bun
Cigarette stained teeth

5. Moon

Guide me o gentle
Light above my head this eve
Dance me now again

6. Valerie

How woman you are
How mighty your voice and love
Strong and wise you are

7. Gratitude

I am thankful for
Balance, peace, harmony and
Joy beyond measure

8. Friday

California sun
Easy drive with family
Memories like this

9. Self portrait

Of a woman this
Raw open sewn up crazy
Unconsciously free

10. Starting over

Stare out onto sea
Let go heartbreak from before
Head and hands to sky

11. V Kali

Skin so ocean you
Feel like rent paid softly up
My back so comfort

12. Uraeus

I worry sometimes
Afraid of boogiemen I
Have to kill myself

13. Remember

I sat crossed legged on
Your bed waiting for you to
Give your heart to me

14. Cafe

You sat across from
Me and told me to my face
That you would never

15. Jaha

O the places I
Have stretched my forgiveness for
Me to love you so

16. Writers block

Words always begging
Air to breath outside my head
Who am I to deny them

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