Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An acrostic poem a day for July 2014 - for day 20 - Laughter, stories, friends, family

Love easy this blue sky day
After class and bumper to bumper traffic
Uraeus and I with Kat and Noelle
Gather at Sky's for food and fun
Hearing stories about
Today and plans for tomorrow sipping lemonade this
Evening loving this life and this
Right now

Singing old songs remind us
To remember each other in prayer
Our hearts know that we are each other
Right and left our loved ones all around
Inside we smile at the smooth of the moment
Effortless as marble
Sweet as cheesecake

Freedom looks like this
Rows of tables and sounds of people who love each other resting
Inside and out under umbrellas
Eager to learn more about soul behind the smile
New ideas and times and way we
Do life has emerged and we
Say yes to the new and embrace the old

Forgiving and loving and moving forward
Aiming higher than the generation before
Me and my people
In all this good
Love and joy and we get full and lean back and just say
Yes and yes again

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