Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ari Robles was the feature last night at The World Stage. What a humble, peaceful and poetic soul. He's from a venue in Boyle Heights called Corazon Del Pueblo. "One nation under radiation and chem trails for all" was one of his many power lines. The evening was bliss and connected with a speech I heard Alice Walker on YouTube talk about. About the way we divide ourselves. If there is a flood in another part of the world we turn a blind eye because it's not affecting us when really, it is. Everything everywhere is always affecting us because there is no them. There is us, all of us, on this planet together. The us over here and them over there is as crazy as the non-smoking section of the plane. Remember that? Remember the smoking section used to be in the back of the place and somehow the smoke was just going to stay there? As if smoke understood or cared about a curtain or dotted line.

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