Monday, July 7, 2014

Tomorrow comes to me in my dreams
Sometimes he is a man
Sometimes a woman
Sometimes neither

Sometimes it is a spiritual being with big white wings
My room is filled with peppermint when it is there
Sitting patiently on the side of my bed
It is quiet until it knows it has my full attention

Sometimes I am afraid to face it
It forgives me
I complain about ailments that no longer affect me
About people no longer in my life

I know that Yesterday is still around
Yesterday was a bad and unfaithful lover
Sometimes I run to him
And when things go bad I beg Tomorrow to rescue me

I beg it to be my mother and coddle me
I beg it to be my baba and save me from myself

Tomorrow is waiting for me to choose
Tomorrow is waiting for me to forgive myself and others and Yesterday
It is waiting for me to remember Yesterday in a new light and thank it
For bringing me here

I have my moments
I'm ready
I say to Tomorrow
I place a bowl of water for it to come and talk to me in my sleep

Tomorrow has the sweetest voice I know
I have never been good at relationships
I'm trying my hand at this one

Tomorrow, tomorrow
Can you see how I am trying

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