Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I unplug from smog and worry
I go to the top of the mountain
Where I commune with the Creator
Over jasmine tea
With Gregory Porter and the thunder in the distance

I am safe there in the arms of sky
There near the whisper of the
One who knows me best

I dance there with water falling on my face
Sun on my head

Obatala is pleased
Oshun smiles
Buddah laughs
And Jesus knows

My shoulders fall
My back is got

I am safe
I am free to dance and move

Do you dance
Do you hold our arms high and
Twirl your dress

Do you spin you neck
And remind yourself
God lives in you

I unplug and go to the rock

I'm so rock
I'm so ready
I'm so heavy

Are you brave
Are you free
Are you unplugged along with me

Do you want to move with me
Do you want to spin me 'round and 'round
And see how fast I go

This is the safest space I know

Are you ready
Are you Zulu quite enough

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