Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Freedom free write

Freedom is what I relax and ready my mind and spirit for each night
I pray hoping it will be waiting for me the next morning
I pause to give thanks
Thanks for the freedom I already have
Freedom to roam about
Freedom to eat what I choose
Freedom to write and to dance
Thank God for this freedom
There are more rooms I want to build onto my house of freedom
Still I see my own life as blessing and love
I would like an escape over worry
Worry over money and time and race
Worry over what if
Worry over stuff that has not happened
May never happen
Let freedom ring
Let freedom ring
If it did ring what would it sound like
Would the ringing of a bell called freedom free anyone
What men or women
What boys or girls would be free because a bell said so
I wonder
I wonder and wander through the halls of my mind looking for ways I can offer some relief
How can I give freedom
What do I have
What do I won that someone else would want
Could use
I want the freedom to unlock jail cell and let my people go
I want freedom and power
Is power freedom
I want to stand on street corners handing out freedom to the enslaved and unhappy

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