Monday, July 14, 2014

We will have our girls - draft 2

Do you know how impossible it is
For two hundred thirty-four girls
To be missing from the same place
Two hundred thirty-four absent harmonizing voices
Two hundred thirty-four absent pairs of inquisitive cocoa eyes
That have already seen too much
Two hundred thirty-four licorice, mocha, satin
Chocolate of many hued faces vanished at gunpoint
From where they should have been most protected

Somebody knows where our babies are right now

Do you know you could buy a ten year old Nigerian wife for twelve dollars
Do you know how much goats go for in Nigeria
Do you know that there is a difference between a goat and a girl

Girls can birth human boys to make you a proud man
Do you want to be a proud man
Do you want a baby girl to smile at you and tell you
She is proud to be your wife
Is that what you want

Do you really want a stolen girl you bought for twelve dollars
To cook for you
Come on now, son
Do you know a kidnapped girl is bold enough to hate

Our daughters will know how to escape
They have will to kill
We have braided memories and messages into their hair
Each part is path right back to us
We teach our daughters to pray
To be energized by sun
To follow moon and stars
The sound of wind in the leaves and dirt by night

Do you know how dangerous mothers can be
Have you heard how wicked we are
Did they tell you we cast spells
I know they mentioned we set fires

Are you ready for a million mamas and babas
Praying in the same hour with the sole intention
Of our daughters souls

Our daughters have left a trail
A closed case does not put our bodies to rest

Are you ready for the noise
Are you ready for the roof to be raised
Do you know when to be afraid
Do you know where we hide the knives
Do you know we have already died a million times
Do you know how loudly we laugh
When death comes a knocking

You know what we demand
You know what we will do

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