Saturday, October 18, 2014

I just watched half a video by a black man who will get no mentions here. He was talking about the life and suicide of an amazing young woman named Karyn Washington who was a blogger. Karyn had her ups and downs and fell on really sad times after the death of her mother. Her mother had cancer for five years. The man. This black man. This idiot was talking about the problems that black women have. Of course he failed to mention that he was the problem that black women have. He said he went on a show and there were also two black women as guests and as he "Knew, the two black women were the ones causing the problems. They were sassy and disrespectful..." Um, sir, shut all the fucks up. They were probably responding to your dumb ass assumptions about what's wrong with us. He went on to mention in his video (the half that I could stomach), that he tells black men all the time not to settle (because you know, hanging with your sister and helping her through her struggles while she helps you through yours is you know...settling). Then he mentions that it's not that he's prejudiced against dark skinned women or anything because his wife is a dark skinned woman. Now, she's not black but for her ethnicity (he doesn't mention what that is) she would be considered dark. Here's a seat sir, have it.

Karyn Washington was a young woman who empowered many women, young, older and women from many different backgrounds. She was beautiful. She was comfortable in her skin. She had her days. We have our days. Idiot mentions that she didn't really believe the things she said to encourage other people and that he believes that she looked at herself every day and finally couldn't take it anymore because she just didn't love herself. I take that back, old man, don't have a seat, here's a bed, rest sir. Rest.

Then, because apparently I don't like myself today, I started reading the comments and the first one is from another asshole whose name will never grace my blog and he said that "dark skinned Mexicans are very beautiful and so are dark skinned women of other races but dark skinned black women are ugly as fuck" and went on to say that she did the world a favor by killing herself.

I'm starting to hate human beings again. Really.

Black women have enough to fucking deal with without this extra shit. What is our problem? All of you are our problem. Is there a pill for that? I'm gonna ask my doctor. She seems really smart. I bet she knows.

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