Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rest Angel

Angel Hooper was in the first grade
First grade
No first grader should be referred to in the past tense
Angle Hooper went to a 7-Eleven gas station to get bubble gum
With her father
Her father
It was Friday
That's what you do when you are six years old on Friday evenings
You go jogging and you get gum
You blow bubbles
Bubbles steel and pink and iron and shield
Jesus be bubble gum all around me every day
Someone in a passing vehicle
Shot into a Kansas City parking lot
Before Booker Hooper
Bubble gum buyer
Hand holder
Could pull her away
She was dead
A six year old black girl
With braids and ribbons
And smile
And baby teeth
And twinkle eyes
And back pack
But no gum
Is dead
Say dead out loud
Let your jaw scrape the cement
Do not pretty up this tragedy
Ask yourself why
Remind yourself that
Angel Hooper is your daughter and my daughter
Tell yourself that Angel is too young to be an angel
Do not pretty up this horror with metaphor
There is gum for sale
And a bullet lodged in the head of a six your old girl
Who was not the intended target
Not the intended target
Like that makes it easier
Please let this trigger you
Please cry and see her face
Please think about her mother
Her father
Her sister
Her brother
Her gum
Her jogging feet
Her falling body
Not the intended target
Like that makes it easier
I am so incredibly proud of my brilliant, beautiful, handsome, amazing son. His grades are wonderful and the human spirit he is makes me just wanna scream to the moon how blessed I am to be his mother. I am thankful for him. I am thankful to God. I am thankful for the team of amazing people who keep him on path. I am thankful for his father. I am thankful for his stepmother (even though I don't believe in steps and fractions. I am his mother and so is she). I am thankful for all of his grandparents. I am thankful for his aunts and uncles and cousins. His teachers and friends. I am thankful to those of you who hold him in prayer with me. I am thankful for the ancestors who whisper love in his ear. I love you Uraeus.
Artists in Trenton, New Jersey created a mural of Michael Brown, the eighteen year old young black man who was murdered by Ferguson, Missouri police. The artists got permission fro authorities but then mural was taken down because Trenton police claimed the painting "sent the wrong message about community and police relations."

Seriously? The mural was of Michael Brown in graduation cap and blue gown with white stars and red and white flap. There was also a quote that said "Sagging pants is not probable cause."

What wrong message?
I am incredibly proud of my son, Uraeus! I just am. His grades are great and who he is as a human being is even greater!

Post racial what?

This is what happened in Killeen, Texas last May:

Officers were climbing through a window and four of them were hit, one was killed. Killer was Marvin Guy who had a criminal record and was suspected of possessing cocaine.

Five months earlier and a hundred miles away SWAT officer was shot during no knock raid when "Hank" Magee grabbed gun to protect himself and pregnant girlfriend with his .308 rifle.

Guy is black, Magee is white.

They found that Magee acted in self defense but prosecutors are seeking death penalty for Guy. He remains in jail.
Just watched a video of a seventeen years old black child sentenced to jail for thirty-five years for credit card fraud. This young man looks all of fourteen years old. My heart breaks again. Credit card fraud!!?! If he were white I don't believe this would be his fate. What hurts almost as bad as this baby is jail for like ever is reading comments by folks saying they don't care about his sentences and he should be in jail for so long because somebody's credit is messed up because of what he did. Thirty-five years though? Seriously, how much of this sentences is because he is black?
forty minute swim, two packs of Mentos, strawberry / banana smoothie, bag of popcorn, venti vanilla chai latte, 1 liter of water, 221 pounds.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I need an assistant

A good friend asked me if I had an assistant, what would I have him or her do? That is such a great question because while I feel like I'm twenty people in a day I haven't given real thought to what having help would look like. So let's pretend here. To begin, I'm open to a man or woman but so that I'm not saying him or her / her or she throughout this list, I'll simply say she  / her. Yes, I could do this all on my own. But that's my problem. I've been trying to do everything all on my own. Yes, I knew these "needs" are wants. A woman can dream right? Having these things would free up so much time for me to write, paint, be. Free up more time for me to generate much more income.

And even if I don't have an assistant, this is a good list for me to start at the top of and work my way down.

1. I need copies of my stories every Monday by 3:00 pm for my CLI class.
2. I need art shipped to customers.
3. I need books shipped to customers.
4. I need copies of my latest chapbook, DEAR URAEUS.
5. I need contracts sent off on time.
6. I need someone to check my email every day.
7. I need back up files of my blog.
8. I need someone to book Jaha and Friends! every other month.
9. I need someone to book Red Stories every month.
10. I need my chapbook, MY BUS STORIES printed.
11. I need my project A poem a day for 2013 printed.
12. I need my photos printed.
13. I need my meds picked up every month.
14. I'm moving and I need help packing and unpacking.
15. I need my art framed.
16. I need a new eye exam for new glasses.
17. I need a website.
18. I need my photos enlarged.
19. I need (want really) a booth at the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays with my framed photos.
20. I need more copies of my audio book THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY TOGETHER printed.
21. I need more copies of my cd SIMPLE LIKE A DAISY printed.
22. I need THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY TOGETHER printed as a book.
23. I need my camera out of the pawnshop.
24. I need my flash out of the pawnshop.
25. I need my iPad out of the pawnshop.
26. I need my lens out of the pawnshop.
27. I need my other iPad out of the pawnshop.
28. I need locations scouted for Jaha and Friends!
29. I need to pay Mo $50 for the books I already ordered.
30. I need (want really) month to month chapbooks of my blog.
31. I need someone to figure out how to get my bottom drawer in the chest.
32. I need to figure out how to open the spare tire lock in my vehicle.
33. I need an ESTY account for my art.
34. I need someone to manage the ESTY account for my art.
35. I need someone to video my shows for me and upload them to my YouTube channel.
36. I want someone to set up a vine channel for me.
37. I want someone to manage an instagram page for me for Red Stories.
38. I want a social media team for Red Stories and Jaha and Friends!
39. I want someone to manage the advertisement on my Facebook page for Red Stories and Jaha and Friends!
40. I want Jaha and Friends! to have its own Facebook page managed by someone else.
41. I want Red Stories to have its own Facebook page managed by someone else.
42. I want an assistant I trust, like and respect.
43. I want an assistant who trusts, likes and respects me back.
44. I want my art and photos on the cover of journals.
45. I want my art and photo designs on shower curtains.
46. I want my art hung in restaurants, offices, banks and hotels.
47. I want to get booked painting murals again.
48. I want to own my own laundry mat.
49. I need a printer.
50. I need a fax machine.
51. I need an accountant.
52. I need an attorney.
53. I need a storage unit.
54. I need to see a dentist.
55. I need my bike fixed.
56. I need headphones to talk on my phone in the car.
57. I need my shoes to go to the show repair shop.
58. Find out how much money I owe Guarantee Bank
59. Find out if I can get my eye exam with medical.
60. Make an eye exam appointment for me.
61. I need to find out how much money I own Grady Hospital.
62. I need someone to take these clothes to the thrift store once a week.

Packing for D.C.
Glad it's getting cold.
How am I gonna fit all this in two bags?
Some things with have to stay.
What can I wear twice?
Why do I hate checking in luggage so much?

I need a belt.
I need to get my nails done. They look hideous.
I need socks. Why don't I have socks?
I need a bigger bag. CHECK
Remember to pack meds.
Journals CHECK
Travel toothpaste
Makeup CHECK
Phone charger
iPad charger
Swimsuit CHECK
Flip flops

I knew I had a bigger bag, found it.

I'm forgetting something. I'm sure.

Go food shopping for Uraeus.

One hour swim, strawberry / banana smoothie, plus chicken cubes with beans with Spanish rice with avocado and light sour cream, plus three bigole glasses of water, 222 pounds.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Banana / strawberry smoothie, 3.2 mile walk, plus a forty minute swim, small salad, plus three cups water and vegetable and bean soup, 221 pounds.
Tonight is Red Stories night. See you there.