Monday, February 8, 2010

Me with me part 2

* The Saints won!

J* Mkay. I mean, yay for New Orleans. I'm excited for them. New Orleans deserves a party.

* What's wrong?

J* Nothing's wrong? Not wrong, just...stuff in the background. Not for the blog.

* So let it go. Let it go.

J* Thank you. Woosaaa.

* Where do you go to relax?

J* I take a bath. That's what I did tonight. I took a bath. Hot hot. I read a book while in the tub.

* What are you reading?


* What else do you do to relax?

J* Sometimes I take a nap. When I can I swim. Which isn't often. When I can I get a massage. Which is even less often. I find a nice little restaurant and have a glass of merlot. I listen to music. I clean my home. I watch police shows like Criminal Minds, that's my favorite. I clean closets. I love that. I don't know why. I feel like I'm organizing my mind.

* You're ok, Jaha.

J* I know.

* You just write out conversations with yourself and post them online that's all.

---We laugh.

J* Yeah.

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